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Seinfeld: Season 5

  • Seinfeld: Season 5 available on February 09 2016 from Amazon for 7.98
  • Seinfeld Fifth Season (fs) available on February 09 2016 from Indigo for 19.99
  • Seinfeld (Complete Fifth Season) available on February 09 2016 from Buy for 19.99
  • Seinfeld: Season 5 (DVD / SUB / NTSC) available on January 29 2016 from Newegg for 14.00
  • UPC bar code 043396121508 ξ2 registered February 09 2016
  • UPC bar code 043396121508 ξ3 registered February 09 2016
  • UPC bar code 043396121508 ξ4 registered February 09 2016
  • UPC bar code 043396121508 ξ5 registered January 29 2016
  • UPC bar code 043396121508 ξ1 registered February 02 2015
  • Product category is Seinfeld: Season 5 (DVD / SUB / NTSC) Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Ruth Cohen Video
  • Manufacturered by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • COL D12150D
  • # 4339612150
  • # N82E168043396121508

  • Product weight is 0.25 lbs.
Condition: New Format: DVD Box set; Color; Dolby; Dubbed; DVD; Full Screen; Subtitled; NTSC MATCH GENERIC The fifth season of Seinfeld is without a doubt the series' best. By their fifth year, the Seinfeld gang had ironed out the bumps from the first two seasons, further developing characters. The loyal fan base that had been accumulating over the years was now more or less the entire nation’s viewing audience. The pressure was on to give this new, mega fan base a high dose of their unique, misanthropic comedy, and Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards) delivered in spades. Yes, other seasons may have funnier individual episodes, but as a whole season five consistently delivers the goods, including many of the show's all-time classic episodes. In the season opener, Jerry discovers the secret, sexual power of "The Mango." While vacationing in "The Hamptons" we not only learn that George’s date likes to sunbathe topless in front of his friends, but also that cold water has the power to shrink. In "The Stall’ Elaine is rejected while trying to share toilet paper only to learn that the selfish neighbor is Jerry’s girlfriend. In order to really make a life change, George decides to do "The Opposite" of all his instincts and surprisingly everything in his life falls perfectly into place. And of course, who can forget the ridiculous puffy shirt Kramer’s low-talking girlfriend talks Jerry into wearing on The Today Show. This box set also includes the featurette "Jason Larry=George" explaining how Jason Alexander embodied Larry David’s alter ego to create George Costanza, plus deleted and behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive stand up footage of Jerry Seinfeld. --Rob Bracco

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   The laughs just keep coming with "Seinfeld: The Complete Fifth Season". "Seinfeld" follows the mad-cap misadventures of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself) and his close group of eccentric friends going through everyday life in New York City. In this season, Jerry becomes the unsuspected spokesperson for a new clothing trend. George (Jason Alexander) uses his marine biologist skills to save the day. Elaine (Julia Lou..
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