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Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll

EAN 0040198002042
REGISTERED: 11/20/17
UPDATED: 04/25/18
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Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll

  • Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll available on April 25 2018 from Amazon for 34.67
  • UPC bar code 040198002042 ξ2 registered November 15 2013
  • UPC bar code 040198002042 ξ1 registered September 02 2013
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Tecmo Koei
  • 0204
  • # 10021513
  • Product color is One Color

  • Product weight is 0.3 lbs.
  • High Adventure: Brought together by fate, the three adventurers in your party must work together to explore Vyashion's fields, dungeons and towns, collect items, survive encounters with mythological beasts and ultimately defeat the evil King Balor. * Party Dynamic: An innovative team system lets you alternate between each of the three characters: a warrior, a wizard/swordsman and an assassin. Magic abilities and physical offensives can be used together to unleash combo attacks. * Interactive Environments: Uncover new paths by destroying objects, set areas aflame or freeze them with spell casting, and tear through a bevy of different locales as you journey the continents. * Non-Linear Adventure: The game's story, told in an open non-linear format, offers a unique adventure depending on how you play. * Endless Possibilities: Throughout the game, dozens of side quests and hidden opportunities add more adventures and depth to an already rich experience. A king will die at the hands of his own offspring, reads the prophecy of Chancellor Zofor. Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll delivers an unforgettable journey through a world in peril. Players take control of three heroic characters as their quest takes them through a fantastic world filled with vast fields, mysterious cities and dark chambers. According to myth, the continent of Vyashion, as well as the physical world, was created by the god Notoon. Although universally worshipped across the continent, the people's shared faith in Notoon failed to bring about a unified society. Vyashion's many races - human, elf and vampire - have maintained an uneasy peace amongst each other and must now come together to fight the evil King Balor. Players will use a unique team-based system to switch between each of the three characters - a warrior, a wizard and an assassin - on the fly and unleash combo attacks that use both magic and physical prowess to defeat the countless creatures and towering minions of King Balor.

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    ^ (2011). Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll, Tecmo Koei. Amazon. (revised Apr 2018)

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This game is one of the best game from KOEI, it combines RPG with KOEI's "WUSOU" action style, Weapons and missions are random like diablo, and a long fine storyline, it takes me more than 50hrs to finish most of the side-missions before I hit the final stage. It's a very nice game in all!
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Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll (Trinity: SoZO) is a game that was given a very harsh review by the big companies; perhaps too harsh. While Trinity: SoZO is not a fantastic RPG, it isn't a bad one either. With well over 40 hours of gameplay here, and a solid storyline Trinity: SoZO will be a game that you simply can't put down until the final credits roll.GAMEPLAYTrinity: SoZO feels a bit like Dynasty Warriors with a more solid RPG element to it. You will have a party of 3 and can switch between characters a..
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Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is a game that I've had my eye on, but didn't know if I would actually purchase it. When it was released, it was during a dry patch in my gaming so I figured why not. After spending a good 10 hours or so playing it over the past couple days, I've finally been able to make a decent first impression on the game and the pro's and con's that may help you decide if you're interested in getting it. Keep reading to find out.Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll (Trinity from here on out) is an..
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