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Hamilton Beach 64650 6 Speed Classic Stand/Hand Mixer Silver Type: Stand Mixer Bowl Size: 4 Quarts Power Consumption: 290 Watts Height: 9.5" Width: 15.4" Depth: 11" Dimensions: 11" x 15.4 "x 9.5" (H x W x D) Weight: 8.75 lbs.

  • Hamilton Beach 64650 6 Speed Classic Stand/hand Mixer Silver available on September 02 2016 from Newegg for 40.99
  • Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel available on May 31 2016 from Amazon for 27.82
  • Hamilton Beach 64650 64650 - Mixer - 4.8 Qt - 290 W available on December 04 2015 from PCMall for 49.99
  • UPC bar code 040094646500 ξ2 registered November 24 2015
  • UPC bar code 040094646500 ξ3 registered January 13 2014
  • UPC bar code 040094646500 ξ4 registered November 13 2015
  • UPC bar code 040094646500 ξ1 registered July 03 2012
  • Product category is Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer Home Kitchen
  • Manufacturered by Hamilton Beach
  • 64650
  • # N82E16896705010
  • # 64650-D
  • # 7919482
  • Product color is Brushed Stainless Steel & Black Trim

  • Product weight is 4.98 lbs.
4 qt. stainless steel bowl 6 speeds & QuickBurst button Bowl RestTM mixer stabilizer Doubles as a hand mixer 290-Watts peak power makes mixing easy Shift & Stir bowl Versatile attachment set includes traditional beaters, whisk and dough hooks Brushed stainless steel The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer lets you determine the best tool for the job. Kneading a batch of sticky dough? Let the mixer do the work. Blending a quick dressing? Remove the hand mixer from the base to achieve the fast results you want. That sort of versatility is what this interchangeable hand/stand mixer can offer your kitchen. Attachments including traditional beaters, whisk and dough hooks make tackling any mixing job easy. Other features include 6 speeds and a QuickBurst button and Bowl Rest mixer stabilizer and a classic brushed stainless steel bowl. Powerful Hamilton Beach® Hand Mixers focus on versatility and ergonomics. You'll see evidence of Good Thinkingâ"¢ throughout their thoughtful design. Most hand mixers have convenient snap-on storage cases, which keep attachments (and sometimes cords) together so you don't have to search for them each time. A variety of attachments are available with different hand mixers, from traditional beaters to wire beaters, whisks and milkshake attachments.Hamilton Beach® Hand Mixer handles are designed for control and comfort, and the unique Bowl Restâ"¢ feature allows the mixer to sit on the edge of the bowl to eliminate messy drips. A special QuickBurstâ"¢ button provides a quick boost of power and can be used for tough tasks at any speed.

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   I bought this mixer more than three months ago and hoped I would find something a few levels above what's typical at outlet stores, something of a high quality. Its not perfect but definitely the quality you'd want in a mixer. I've made four cakes and two pies to date with this mixer and can tell you there is nothing "flimsy" about it. Getting down to the business of it: the bowl you receive is designed to fit perfectly on the movable stand but does not give your beaters the b..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I love this mixer. A lot of the reviews I read made me feel a bit hesitant to purchase this, but so glad I did. I had a cheap had mixer for years that was difficult to use always wanted the luxury of a stand mixer that could also double as a hand mixer. This fits this bill perfectly. I'm not a fancy baker, I like making box cakes or mixing simple recipe items, it works great. If you are someone who loves making bread, not sure that this would be heavy duty enou..
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