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Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 8 Triple Rolls

EAN 0030400775468
REGISTERED: 10/14/19
UPDATED: 06/01/20
Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 8 Triple Rolls
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Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 8 Triple Rolls

  • Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 8 Triple Rolls available on April 24 2015 from Amazon for 5.99
  • UPC bar code 030400775468 ξ1 registered April 24 2015
  • Product category is Home
  • Manufacturered by Georgia Pacific LLC (Paper)
  • 77546

  • Product weight is 2.61 lbs.
  • 8 Triple Rolls is equal to 24 Regular Rolls * 2-ply with SoftShield Layers * 396 sheets per roll * Flushable, septic-safe * Unscented All the Softness you Want, all the Strength you Need, all at a Value You Love. Insert Alt Text here What makes Angel Soft bath tissue a good value? An Ideal Balance of Softness and Strength. Two SoftShield layers help it hold up. It’s a smart choice for your family and budget. Toilet Tissue Through the Ages Ancient Rome- All public toilets had a stick with a sponge attached to its end that soaked in a bucket of brine so citizens could have a tool to freshen up with. China Around 1391 AD- The Bureau of Imperial Supplies began producing 720,000 sheets of toilet paper per year. Each sheet measured two feet by three feet! Viking Age- During this time, people would freshen up with discarded sheep's wool. Late Middle Ages- The French invented the bidet for proper cleansing. 1700s- Colonial Americans used corncobs to cleanse with. However, once newspapers became commonplace, people used the newspaper after they had finished reading it. 1880- The first actual paper produced for freshening up with was in England. The individual squares were sold in boxes, not rolls. 1902- Northern Paper Mills introduces Northern Tissue, made at the Green Bay East Mill in Wisconsin. 1920s- Northern Mills introduced toilet tissue on a roll. 1973- The Great Toilet Paper Shortage occurred in 1973, after a popular evening talk show host made a joke that there was an acute shortage of toilet paper in the United States. The next morning, 20 million viewers bought up all the toilet paper they could find. By noon that day, most stores were out of toilet paper. 1987- Angel Soft is first launched in the United States. 2012- Angel Soft made with SoftShield layers. Insert Alt Text here Introducing Angel Soft facial tissue. Angel Soft facial tissue gives you heavenly quality at a heavenly value. It’s the softness and strength you trust at a price you’ve been looking for. Available in lotion and non-lotion. Insert Alt Text here FAQ Is the wrapper on Angel Soft Bath Tissue recyclable? The plastic wrapper has a resin identification number of four. Please check with your local recycling facility to determine if these materials are recycled in your area. Is Angel Soft Bath Tissue septic/ sewer safe? All bath tissue products manufactured by Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP are acceptable for use in standard sewer and septic systems. Do you make Angel Soft Bath Tissue with aloe? No, Angel Soft bath tissue is manufactured from only pulp fiber, with no additives. When was Angel Soft Bath Tissue first introduced into the marketplace? Angel Soft bath tissue was introduced in 1987.

    ^ Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 8 Triple Rolls, Georgia Pacific Llc (paper). Amazon. (revised Apr 2015)

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Love these because they are just like their paper towels! Soft, thick and really absorbent so I can use less than I normally would.
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I've come to trust this product and generally feel it is one of the better values for bath tissue. I don't ask a lot of toilet paper, just that it be strong enough and soft enough to do the job and not have to pay extra for those qualities. I think this product does just that.
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The rolls in this package were larger than the regular rolls but that did not have much of an impact on the multitudes of grandchildren in and out of my bathroom! They went through this stuff like a train through a tunnel...whoosh! Anyway, my daughter does not like tissues that "flake" and she claims Angel Soft doesn't. I stock up on paper towels and toilet paper so as not to have to supply "the hordes" in an emergency. The delivery was fast, packaging was secure, and arrival was timely.
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