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The Firefighter's Fitness Handbook, 1st Edition

UPC 001428361483
REGISTERED: 08/20/17
UPDATED: 11/18/17
The Firefighter's Fitness Handbook, 1st Edition

Promote good health and safe practices in your fire department with the simple fitness program outlined in THE FIREFIGHTER'S FITNESS HANDBOOK

  • The Firefighter's Fitness Handbook, 1st Edition available on July 06 2017 from CengageBrain for 12.49
  • UPC bar code 001428361483 ξ1 registered September 29 2016
  • Product category is Book

  • # 9781428361485

Beneficial to the both the individual firefighter, as well as the entire department, this bookprovides a total health evaluation and fitness program designed specifically for firefighters. This book focuses on the special needs of the firefighter and is Built around the joint labor management Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) and compatible with both the NFPA standard 1583, and the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. The book begins by covering the stress levels and physical risks inherent to the job itself, then identifies the principles of successful fitness program design tohelp firefighters evaluate their own health and fitness levels and program goals. Proper nutrition, the importance of mental training, and a look at common firefighter injuries illustrates the critical role that physical fitness plays in the success and well-being of our nations firefighters.

    ^ The Firefighter's Fitness Handbook, 1st Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Jul 2017)

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