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Exceptional Children And Youth, 5th Edition

UPC 001111833426
REGISTERED: 08/12/17
UPDATED: 04/22/18
Exceptional Children And Youth, 5th Edition

EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN AND YOUTH, Fifth Edition, provides a concise yet complete introduction to special education for pre-service and in-service teachers

  • Exceptional Children And Youth, 5th Edition available on February 11 2017 from CengageBrain for 93.99
  • UPC bar code 001111833426 ξ1 registered February 11 2017
  • Product category is Home Education

  • # 9781111833428

One of the most accessible and readable texts available for the Introduction to Special Education course, this new edition is thoroughly updated to reflect the most current information available about special education practice and children with exceptionalities. The text emphasizes current research and theory about exceptional children, human diversity, inclusion, law and social policy, family involvement, real-life stories about exceptionality, and evidence-based teaching practices--all presented in a warm, personal narrative style.

    ^ Exceptional Children And Youth, 5th Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Feb 2017)

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