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Business And Production: A Collection

UPC 001111807571
REGISTERED: 01/10/19
UPDATED: 05/22/19
Business And Production: A Collection
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Welcome to ""Business and Production for Games: A Collection,"" the first in a series of books published in collaboration with, the online community where game developers worldwide can network and freely exchange information and ideas

  • Business And Production: A Collection available on July 14 2016 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">20.95
  • UPC bar code 001111807571 ξ1 registered July 14 2016
  • Product category is Software Game

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Assembled in print for the first time, and comprised of the best game business and production articles that have appeared on over the past decade, this volume features invaluable information and ideas for anyone running or considering running their own game company. You'll learn how to approach your new business venture as a professional, discover how to make the most of limited resources, benefit from expert marketing advice, explore how to develop efficient production processes, and consider the importance of intellectual property, sales, and team leadership. All articles have been updated to comply with the latest technology, and as a bonus, this volume also features exclusive, new content that cannot be found anywhere else. Continuing in their tradition of excellence, ""Business and Production for Games: A Collection"" captures the best of and is an invaluable resource in your pursuit of game development success.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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