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Comparative Politics In Transition, 6e

UPC 001111781741
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UPDATED: 11/21/19
Comparative Politics In Transition, 6e

COMPARATIVE POLITICS IN TRANSITION, Sixth Edition, combines a thematic framework with a country-by-country approach to provide a thoughtful and effective introduction to Comparative Politics that is appropriate for students new to the study of political science.The author uses an "arenas" classification to organize and frame the systematic comparative analysis, rather than the traditional "three worlds" framework

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This classification reflects the contemporary political, economic, and social realities of different political systems, allowing the author to provide historical, theoretical, and conceptual background through nine in-text country case studies (with additional online chapters available). Unlike most other texts, McCormick focuses intently on the non-Western world. The book explores the political influence of Islam with a new chapter on Iran.Make It Yours! Create your own customized version of Comparative Politics in Transition using only the chapters you need. In addition to the countries in the standard Table of Contents, choose additional coverage on the European Union and Egypt. Visit to get started.

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