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New York Family Law, 3rd Edition

UPC 001111648440
REGISTERED: 08/03/17
UPDATED: 03/18/18
New York Family Law, 3rd Edition
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The only legal text to focus specifically on family law in the State of New York, this one-of-a-kind resource covers both matrimonial law--including annulment, separation, divorce, and equitable distribution of marital property--and Family Court proceedings, such as family offenses, child protection, termination of parental rights, and adoption

  • New York Family Law, 3rd Edition available on July 06 2017 from CengageBrain for 91.49
  • UPC bar code 001111648440 ξ1 registered January 31 2017
  • Product category is General

  • # 9781111648442

Drawing on 25 years of experience as a New York Family Court judge, author Sara P. Schechter provides a detailed overview of state-specific procedures, substantive law, and terminology, as well as relevant federal legislation and family law issues of national importance. This proven guide combines in-depth content with an engaging, reader-friendly style and abundant features to support learning. Examples include Basics Boxes introducing varieties of family law litigation, Practice Tips to help students apply what they learn, cases and examples to illustrate the real-world relevance of key concepts, and current New York legal forms. Now thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current law and legal issues in the state--including key developments in same-sex marriage legislation, child support law, no-fault divorce law, and child protective laws--NEW YORK FAMILY LAW, Third Edition, is an ideal resource to prepare paralegal and undergraduate legal students for success in the exciting field of family law.

    ^ New York Family Law, 3rd Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Jul 2017)

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