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Guide To Network Security, 1st Edition

UPC 000840024228
REGISTERED: 08/03/17
UPDATED: 03/21/18
Guide To Network Security, 1st Edition

GUIDE TO NETWORK SECURITY is a wide-ranging new text that provides a detailed review of the network security field, including essential terminology, the history of the discipline, and practical techniques to manage implementation of network security solutions

  • Guide To Network Security, 1st Edition available on December 05 2017 from CengageBrain for 36.49
  • UPC bar code 000840024228 ξ1 registered October 28 2016
  • Product category is Electronic Network

  • # 9780840024220

It begins with an overview of information, network, and web security, emphasizing the role of data communications and encryption. The authors then explore network perimeter defense technologies and methods, including access controls, firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection systems, as well as applied cryptography in public key infrastructure, wireless security, and web commerce. The final section covers additional topics relevant for information security practitioners, such as assessing network security, professional careers in the field, and contingency planning. Perfect for both aspiring and active IT professionals, GUIDE TO NETWORK SECURITY is an ideal resource for readers who want to help organizations protect critical information assets and secure their systems and networks, both by recognizing current threats and vulnerabilities, and by designing and developing the secure systems of the future.

    ^ Guide To Network Security, 1st Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Dec 2017)

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