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How To Get A Job In Health Care, 1st Edition

UPC 000766841930
REGISTERED: 08/20/17
UPDATED: 02/25/18
How To Get A Job In Health Care, 1st Edition
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This easy-to-use guide is an ideal reference for anyone seeking employment in the health care industry

  • How To Get A Job In Health Care, 1st Edition available on September 21 2016 from CengageBrain for 76.49
  • UPC bar code 000766841930 ξ1 registered August 03 2016
  • Product category is Home Health

  • # 9780766841932

Users learn how to compose an effective resume and cover letter, properly complete an employment application, pursue and research job leads, and prepare for interviews. This comprehensive manual also includes advice on how to leave a health care job gracefully, write a resignation letter, secure references, and offers suggestions for dealing with lay-offs, downsizing, or termination in a positive way. CD-ROM that Accompanies How to Get a Job in Health Care includes: four resumes, a Cover Letter Planner with three cover letters, a Job Search Planner, an Interview Planner a Post-Interview Letter Planner an exit conversation, a resignation letter, a reference letter and a Job Offer Evaluator.

    ^ How To Get A Job In Health Care, 1st Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Sep 2016)

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