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Foundations Of Electronics: Circuits & Devices, 4th Edition

UPC 000766840261
REGISTERED: 03/22/18
UPDATED: 03/22/18
Foundations Of Electronics: Circuits & Devices, 4th Edition

From principles of basic circuits through analysis of passive and active circuit components, Foundations of Electronics: Circuits and Devices is the perfect choice for introducing readers to the world of electronics technology

  • Foundations Of Electronics: Circuits & Devices, 4th Edition available on August 09 2016 from CengageBrain for 245.49
  • UPC bar code 000766840261 ξ1 registered August 09 2016
  • Product category is Electronic

  • # 9780766840263

Chock full of full-color charts, photographs, schematics and diagrams, this newly redesigned edition uses real-world color codes and strategic highlighting to focus attention on key points. Reader-friendly and ideal for technician training, this comprehensive book begins by exploring basic concepts such as voltage, current, plus power and resistance in series, parallel and combination circuits. Equipped with an understanding of circuit behavior, readers move on to the study of more complex topics, including: network theorems, magnetism, resonance, and more. Extensively updated to better meet the needs of today's technician's, the final ten chapters provide a first-rate introduction to modern electronic devices, with greater emphasis on integrated circuits and op-amps plus all-new coverage of optical components. Throughout the book, step-by-step examples and practice problems appear directly after explanations of key concepts, providing a bridge between must-know theory and hands-on circuit work. Attention-getting previews, helpful key terms lists, learning objectives, summaries and other pedagogical aids have also been integrated into every chapter to motivate users and build their confidence.

    ^ Foundations Of Electronics: Circuits & Devices, 4th Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Aug 2016)

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