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Engineering Drawing And Design, 3rd Edition

UPC 000766816341
REGISTERED: 08/21/17
UPDATED: 04/22/18
Engineering Drawing And Design, 3rd Edition

With increased emphasis on visualization, the design process, and modern CAD technology, this edition of our popular Engineering Drawing and Design book provides readers with an approach to drafting that is consistent with the National Standards Institute (NSI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  • Engineering Drawing And Design, 3rd Edition available on March 25 2017 from CengageBrain for 235.49
  • UPC bar code 000766816341 ξ1 registered February 04 2017
  • Product category is Book

  • # 9780766816343

Newly reorganized, the first half of the book focuses attention on sketching, views, descriptive geometry, dimensioning, and pictorial drawings. The second half of the book invites readers to build upon these skills as they explore manufacturing materials and processes that span all of the engineering disciplines, including: welding, fluid power, piping, electricity/electronics, HVAC, sheet metal, and more! Each chapter contains realistic examples, technically precise illustrations, problems and related tests. Step-by-step methods, plus layout guidelines for preparing technically precise engineering drawings from sketches, are also featured throughout the book to provide readers with a logical approach to setting up and completing drawing problems. Ideal for use in introductory and advanced engineering graphics programs, the extraordinarily complete and current information in this book makes it an invaluable reference for professional engineers.

    ^ Engineering Drawing And Design, 3rd Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Mar 2017)

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