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The Dhammapada

UPC 000195108604
REGISTERED: 11/18/17
UPDATED: 10/19/19
The Dhammapada
The Dhammapada

  • The Dhammapada available on February 04 2015 from Amazon for 24.58
  • UPC bar code 000195108604 ξ1 registered February 04 2015
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Oxford University Press

  • Product weight is 1.81 lbs.
Buddhism, Eastern religions, Philosophy, Yoga meditation, spirituality The Dhammapada, the Pali version of one of the most popular texts of the Buddhist canon, also ranks among the classics of the world's religious literature. This critical edition presents to the English reader for the first time the Dhammapada as it has been known throughout the centuries. With this volume, Carter and Palihawadana make a major contribution to the understanding of the Dhammapada, not only by presenting a new and accurate translation of the verses, but also by enabling readers to see the wake of this remarkable text through centuries of Buddhist tradition. In addition to the original Pali, the editors provide a translation of the commentary on the verses and the subsequent brief explanations of verse and commentarial passages provided by Sinhala sources.

    ^ The Dhammapada, Oxford University Press. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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