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Economics (book Only), 10th Edition

EAN 0000538452852
REGISTERED: 04/21/18
UPDATED: 04/21/18
Economics (book Only), 10th Edition
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Ever wonder what economic factors might help determine your first job after college?…If a tax on soda would really reduce obesity?…What factors have affected housing prices?…or whether a tax rebate is better than a tax bonus? ECONOMICS answers these questions and many more

  • Economics (book Only), 10th Edition available on April 05 2018 from CengageBrain for 112.99
  • UPC bar code 000538452852 ξ1 registered April 06 2016
  • Product category is Video

  • # 9780538452854

Using intriguing pop culture examples, the Tenth Edition is revised to include the most comprehensive coverage of the financial and economic crisis available in a principles of economics text. Self-tests help determine how well you’re grasping the concepts, a traditional study guide prepares you for tests, and CourseMate for Economics offers a graphing tutorial, quizzes, videos and more. It’s all carefully designed to help you get the best Economics grade possible! Entirely new to this edition is a complete set of Video Lectures featuring author Roger Arnold working through key concepts and graphs in each chapter. These videos are ideal for self-study, allowing you to play or replay the lectures at your convenience.

    ^ Economics (book Only), 10th Edition, Cengage Learning. CengageBrain. (revised Apr 2018)

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