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men-ü Barbiere Shave Brush and Stand - Black

UPC 000050545087
REGISTERED: 05/15/19
UPDATED: 08/23/19
men-ü Barbiere Shave Brush and Stand - Black

Crafted in Italy, the home of the traditional barbiere, the men-ü Shave Brush is constructed from boar bristles which offer greater resistance, are superior at lifting the beard for a closer cut and generate a fine, rich lather for the smoothest shave possible. The movement of the bristles over the face lifts the beard away from the skin, helps remove dead skin cells and facilitates a closer shave. The set includes a shaving brush stand which allows the bristles to dry for long-lasting performance, and a 15ml tube of shave crème which works alongside your brush to create an aerated foam which exfoliates the skin, leaving you looking and feeling sharp and fresh after every shave. ? L.R. Directions for use: Before using the brush for the first time wash with soap and water and then rinse in clean water. When you are ready to shave, immerse bristles in clean, warm water and shake off excess. Apply crème to wet brush or wet palm and start generating shave crème with brush. Distribute the crème about the moistened area to be shaved working up a creamy lather in a circular motion. Always rinse the brush in clean water after use and do not boil or soak.

  • men-ü Barbiere Shave Brush and Stand - Black available on August 08 2019 from Zavvi for 14.24
  • UPC bar code 000050545087 ξ1 registered August 08 2019
  • Product category is Home Clean

    ^ men-ü Barbiere Shave Brush and Stand - Black, men-u. Zavvi. (revised Aug 2019)

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