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Jefferson's presence solves Love's absence in NBA Game 3

"I had a couple of NBA 2K17 Coins where I didn't follow the gameplan, and Kyrie gets an easy layup, gets his confidence going," he said. "I take the blame for that."
Curry has 48 points in these three games. He didn't score less than 50 in three straight games all season. His sudden and drastic offensive drop-off seems curious if not startling. Is Curry still feeling the ripple effects of the right knee sprain he suffered April 24? Well, he did score 40 points upon returning from that injury and has averaged roughly 35 minutes since then, which tends to throw a spear into that belief. "I'm fine," he said. A one-game funk could be dismissed as one-of-those-things. Two games? Not cause for alarm, but freaky for him. Now it's three straight and it has the makings of a trend. It's not merely the inefficiency with the ball, it's also the manner in which Curry has made mistakes. He just seems in a slumber. Warriors React to Game 3 Loss Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson address the media following a game 3 loss to the Cavaliers.

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