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A Wonderful Ear Cushion, April 16, 2008

Ear Cushion 2Pack Ear Cushion 2pack available on August 16 2018 from Newegg for itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">9.99
How much should I write about an ear cushion? It fit the headset perfectly and is comfortable.

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I feel obliged to post this review because of the helpful review that gave dimensions for these pads. That encouraged me to try them for my Sennheiser PC131 headset, the pads of which disintegrated over time. These are a perfect fit -- and a lot cheaper (and faster delivery) than going to the Sennheiser web site. They also seem to be relatively well made -- I would be surprised if they fell apart other than with abuse (but time will tell). Reasonably thick padding gives good ear comfort and, as far as I can tell, does not reduce sound level or quality.Actual measurements of the pads are 2-1/4 inch in diameter; 1-1/2 inch diameter opening. But as noted in other reviews, there's a fair degree of stretch-ability.
I looked at several of these different replacement foam ear pieces for my headsets. I buy a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Thanks to the other reviews of this product, I gave these foam ear covers a chance and I was very impressed. I tested on a variety of headsets and was impressed by the foams stretchability and durability. These are far better than the very thin foam covers that came with any of my original headsets. Here is a quick summary of what I estimate* are the minimum and maximum dimensions for replacement phones in inches (") and centimeters (cm).Minimum Oval Measures = 2" by 1" or 5.08 cm by 2.54 cmMaximum Oval Measures = 3" by 2.5" or 7.62 cm by 6.35 cmMinimum Round Diameter = 1" or 2.54 cmMaximum Round Size Diameter = 2.75" or 6.985 cm*Notes:- Actual sizes tested: smallest oval was 2.5" by 1.25" and the largest oval was 2.75" by 2.375"- Do NOT try to use for ear buds (headsets that fit inside your...
How much should I write about an ear cushion? It fit the headset perfectly and is comfortable.


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