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Duck Commander DC-16PCB Duck Dynasty Uncli Si's Cup, 16-Ounces
4.0 out of 5 stars
the cup was a little small but I still liked it I liked it a lot it was the best cup ever

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The description for these two glasses is incomplete. The pink cup has "Hey Jack" on the back. The blue one has a picture/graphic of Si on the back. Both have the Duck Commander logo on the front. I know this because when I bought my cup there were photos with this listing showing the back of only the "Hey Jack" pink cup. I ordered the blue cup and was surprised to find it didn't say Hey Jack. Bummer, since it was a present for a dude named Jack. The picture of Si is okay, I guess, but I wouldn't have bought this item at all if I'd known that's what the cup looked like. I mean, what man wants to have a picture of a weird old guy on the side of his water glass?I contacted the seller who said only the pink cup has the "Hey Jack" graphic. The photo has since been removed and now the listing only shows the front of both cups. I hope this information helps you make a choice between them.Btw, the seller replied to me promptly and politely. They did offer to replace my...Read more
I hubby he loves duck dynasy and will love Si's cup!! Thank God they had the blue!! He will love to drink his tea from this cup! I am hoping that when he opens this up he will be surprised
the cup was a little small but I still liked it I liked it a lot it was the best cup ever


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