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It's BIG, it's BLUE, it's MUSICAL!, January 25, 2002

Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Musical Movie VHS
Blue's Big Musical Movie is a huge hit in our home.

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I bought this DVD about a month before my son's 2nd birthday. From day 1 he loved it. He doesn't much care for Joe so I bought this is Blue's Clues Classic clues (wich he's only watched a few times). This is his absolute FAVORITE movie (he's watching it right now as we speak). My son's a High Energy child and rarely sits still to watch tv. He sits through this ENTIRE movie from beginning to end with very little movement (sometimes I want to put a mirror under his nose to make sure he's still breathing, LOL) He adores the music and the basic Blue's Clues plot. He loves screaming A CLUE A CLUE! and of course the music. His favorite is "The Show" song wich he sings everytime it comes on. I like the Ray Charles part the best and my son enjoys it to, he just says "Hey Hey, shooba dee day. Bee bop bay, hey hey. I can't tell where it comes from but when you sing SING sing there it is. The reason i love that is because MY SON DOESN'T TALK ALOT, LOL. He CAN talk he just chooses not to most of...
Blue's Big Musical Movie is a huge hit in our home.


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