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Jerry may refer to: , a male given name (including a list of people and fictional characters with the name)
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Small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag PocketBook by Palo Alto Audio Design is a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers an impressively big sound.
Palo Alto Audio Design Bt1505fnpa-bk Audio Pocketbook Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Paul Byrom s debut solo album hit #1 on the Billboard World Music Charts as he launched his solo career in earnest following his high profile stint as one of the stars of Celtic Thunder. Thanks to massive PBS exposure and widespread touring, Celtic Thunder..
Thinking of Home

From the SS sprang a paramilitary force--a superbly trained machine in the face of war. This powerful spearhead was known as the Waffen-SS. Its crack formations rolled back the Allied armies in Poland, Russia and France. By the end of the War it numbered o..
The Black Angels

The transportation of munitions, food and medical supplies was undertaken in the most difficult situations, both on the land where the air bases were often situated in remote tropical jungle terrain and in the air when hazardous flying conditions were met..
Drop Zone Burma: Adventures In Allied Air-supply 1943-45

The most celebrated graphic novel of all time that broke the conventional mold continues to break new ground. Watchmen co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons oversees this digital version of the graphic novel that adds limited motion, voice and sound to t..
Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic

Death or glory ... Libya 1942 - Rommel's Africa Korps is sweeping across Northern Africa. The ragged Allied forces engage the enemy in brutal fire-fights on the scorched desert sands. Meanwhile, the Allied commander-in-chief sends a desperate coded message..
Death Or Glory I: The Last Commando: The Last Commando

The transportation of munitions, food and medical supplies was undertaken in the most difficult situations, both on the land where the air bases were often situated in remote tropical jungle terrain and in the air when hazardous flying conditions were met..
Drop Zone Burma

Clear, concise writing focused on need to know drug information gives readers the confidence to master pharmacology. Learn calculations quickly through a simplified step-by-step process. Part I chapters center on basic pharmacologic principles. Medication ..
Essentials Of Pharmacology For Health Professions

Allied Telesis AT-TRAY4 - Rack mounting tray - for AT FS202 FS203 FS211 FS212 FS214 FS215 FS216 FS217 MC1004 MC1005 MC103 MC115
Allied Telesyn At-tray4 At-tray4 - Rack Mounting Tray

P p b The Solution for Protection b p p Resistant to signal degradation, snooping and interference, the AT 2701FXa is the ideal solution for networks requiring protection from electrical interference and hackers. p p b Manageability and Flexibilit..
Allied Telesis 100mbps Fast Ethernet Dual Fiber Network Interface Card - Pci - 2 Port(s) - 2 X Sc Port(s) - Optical Fiber - Low-profile At-2701fxa/sc-901

The Allied Telesis AT2711FXST901 Fast Ethernet Fiber Network Interface Card PCI Express X1 design gives you the maximum possible bandwidth and bus efficiency, Hot Swappable capability and Low Power Consumption.
Allied Telesis At2711fxst901 Fast Ethernet Fiber Network Interface Card - 850 Nm - 100base-fx - Pci Express X1

Allied Telesis AT FS708LE - Switch - 8 x 10/100 - desktop
Allied Telesyn At-fs708le-10 At Fs708le - Switch - 8 X 10/100 - Desktop

Allied Telesis AT FS750/16 WebSmart Switch - Switch - managed - 16 x 10/100 2 x combo Gigabit SFP - desktop
Allied Telesyn At-fs750/16-10 At Fs750/16 Websmart Switch - Switch - 16 Ports - Managed - Desktop

Allied Telesis AT GS950/8 WebSmart Switch - Switch - managed - 8 x 10/100/1000 2 x shared SFP - desktop
Allied Telesyn At-gs950/8-10 At Gs950/8 Websmart Switch - Switch - Managed - 8 X 10/100/1000   2 X Shared Sfp - Desktop

Allied Telesis AT FS705LE - Switch - 5 x 10/100 - desktop
Allied Telesyn At-fs705le-10 At Fs705le - Switch - 5 X 10/100 - Desktop

It is compliant with fast Ethernet, STM-1 standards and so on, as well as the SFP Multisource Agreement (MSA).
Allied Telesis At-spfxbd-lc-13 Bidi 100base-fx Optics Mc-media Converter - 1 X Ethernet 100base-fx, Lc Single Mode - 100 Mbps

The Allied offensive, which began in late summer 1917, was fought in some of the most atrocious conditions imaginable. Lashing rain had turned the shell-cratered Flanders fields into a treacherous sucking quagmire of liquid mud. Bogged down and with 225,..
The Western Front - The Last Great Offensives

Continuing the storyline begun in episode three of the Battles Without Honor / Honour and Humanity series, Police Tactics sees director Kinji Fukasaku and screenwriter Kazuo Kasahara further depicting the life-and-death struggle of the gangsters of Hiroshi..
The Yakuza Papers: Police Tactics

For centuries Ancaria was a land of peace but the sacred bond between its people and the Seraphim - guardians of the legendary Heart of Ancaria - had been forgotten. And so Lord Zane - ruler of the Ashen Empire - allied himself with Demons striving to op..
Sacred 3 First Edition

The devoted collie escapes kennel captivity (with help from young Elizabeth Taylor) and braves storms and peril to return home to Roddy McDowall in the all-time classic Lassie Come Home. Courage runs in the family in Son of Lassie as Lassie's progeny sto..
Lassie - Box Set

Truth Is The First Casualty Of War.February 1943 - The rules of engagement have changed. Spies decryption decoys and ambushes are now your strongest assets. Strategy is your game deception is your weapon. Combine deceptive strategies to conquer the bat..

Originally banned in the UK as a 'video nasty', under its VHS-era title of Don't Ride on Late Night Trains, this tense thriller is a malevolent mix of hair-raising Hitchcockian suspense and contemporary splatter movie shocks. Released in 1975 to a suitably..
Night Train Murders

mLinq is a premium grade USB to HDMI Audio Video adapter designed to enable a simple and cost effective way for extending and connecting your Mac to a second or third display
mLinq USB to HDMI Adapter

Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn and the ever popular Alan Alda star in this sweet romantic comedy tracing the unique 26-year relationship between two people - who happen to be married to other people.When Doris (Burstyn) a young housewife from Oakland and Geo..
Same Time Next Year


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