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Most tourism activities take place at a destination, and destination serves as a fundamental unit of analysis in any modeling of the tourism system...
Destination Marketing And Management

Mae’n torri tir newydd yn hanes llenyddiaeth y Gymraes gan nad oes ymchwil manwl wedi ei wneud cyn hyn ar Gwyneth Vaughan a Sara Maria Saunders, dwy a bontiodd y bwlch rhwng yr awduresau petrusgar a ddenwyd allan o’u hogofâu gan Granogwen, golygydd y ..
Dwy Gymraes, Dwy Gymru

Seierstad traveled extensively through Serbia between 1999 and 2004, following the lives of people from across the political spectrum. Her moving and perceptive account follows nationalists, Titoists, Yugonostalgics, rock stars, fugitives, and poets. Seier..
With Their Backs To The World

Over two hundred entries written by more than sixty researchers explore subjects ranging from food, clothing, and shelter to the sophisticated calendar and now-deciphered Maya writing system. They bring special attention to environmental concerns and clima..
Encyclopedia Of The Ancient Maya

Written in 1821 by Chong Yagyong (Tasan), Admonitions on Governing the People (Mongmin simso) is a detailed manual for district magistrates on how to govern better. In encyclopedic fashion, Chong Yagyong addresses the administration, social and economic li..
Admonitions On Governing The People: Manual For All Administrators

Yoga originates from the word yuj, meaning to unite or bind. A yogini is a female practitioner of yoga for the attainment of oneness with cosmic energy. The ancient yoga tradition of Tantra identifies Tantric Yoginis as forms of the goddess Kali, each one ..

As the couple’s relationship deepens, author Yoshinaga takes the slice-of-life genre to unique heights.
What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 6

These tales, carried in the head of the storyteller, ensured that a community remembered its history and its beliefs.Now our stories come from a range of sources, but there is still something magical about the spoken word. In this collection of stories and..
Swimming With Chaucer


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