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Steve just wants to save his baby brother—but what will he lose in the bargain? This is a haunting gothic tale for fans of Coraline, from acclaimed author Kenneth Oppel (Silverwing, The Boundless) with illustrations from Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen.Fo..
The Nest

In 1996, Allan Weisbecker sold his home and his possessions, loaded his dog and surfboards into his truck, and set off in search of his long-time surfing companion, Patrick, who had vanished into the depths of Central America. In this rollicking memoir of ..
In Search of Captain Zero: A Surfer's Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road

New edition, finally available! In 1942, driven by natural curiosity and a shortage of industrial materials during the war years, Earl Silas Tupper, an American dreamer and amateur inventor, produced his first injection-molded plastic cup, the Bell Tumbler..
Tupperware: Transparent

Mr. Wilson reinterprets the knowledge of these insects through the concepts of modern biology, from biochemistry to evolutionary theory and population ecology.
The Insect Societies

The game was broadcast sporadically until the late 1930s, when Barber burst into prominence by bringing it home to radio listeners, play by play. More than half a century later, he could still be heard, broadcasting over National Public Radio from his reti..
Rhubarb In The Catbird Seat

Government rounded up more than one hundred thousand Japanese Americans and sent them to internment camps. One of those internees was Charles Kikuchi. In thousands of diary pages, he documented his experiences in the camps, his resettlement in Chicago and ..
Jim And Jap Crow

In 'Nay, Ivy, Nay', a mean old mycologist, who has fostered a beautiful white holly tree, denies his neighbour a sprig.In 'Wasps' Nest', will the wasp nest survive the pest controller?In 'Windfalls', picking up the windfall apples with his grandson and rem..
Nay, Ivy, Nay / Wasps' Nest / Windfalls (storycuts)

There's a thief at Doggeroo Dog and Sausage Day and Jack soon finds he has a Sausage Situation on his paws. Who is the canine criminal Surely not Lord Red, dressed up as a corn dog, or the Squekes, who look like hairy wasps in their striped suits. When Ja
The Sausage Situation, Jack Russell: Dog Detective Book 6 by Darrel & Sally Odgers - Paperback


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