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From the basic watch cap to fanciful multicoloured and textured creations, knitters will be enticed by the intriguing diversity of style and technique: double-, triple-, and quadruple-thicknesses for warmth and weather resistance; hats with earflaps, ornam..
Hats On!

Consumers everywhere describe their relationship with brands in the same deeply personal way -- we hate our banks, love our iPhones, think our cell phone carrier is out to get us, and so on. What's actually going on in our brains when we make these judgmen..
The Human Brand: How We Relate To People, Products, And Companies

The greyness and bleakness of life in England is a shock, but even worse is adapting to the strict discipline of her family, including a brother she's never met, after the warmth and openness of her adopted American family. Rusty is sent to an horrific boa..
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This is an examination of warrant statements – statements which indicated something about the grounds on behalf of some further judgement, choice or action. The first part of the study is concerned with the role of warrant statements in theoretical disco..
Evidence And Meaning

These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside The Lock and Key Library: ...This effort failed and Governor Lanham issued his warrant, but Herlihy had no sooner returned to Houston for the purpose of taking possession of th..
The Lock And Key Library - The Original Classic Edition

Warrant for Terror examines fatwas, which are legal opinions declaring whether a given act under Islam is obligatory, permitted, or forbidden and which serve as a major instrument by which religious leaders impel believers to engage in acts of jihad.
Warrant For Terror: The Fatwas Of Radical Islam And The Duty To Jihad

When Jonah doesn''t obey God''s wishes, he suddenly finds himself with a whale of a problem!The classic tale of Jonah and the Whale comes to life for young readers in this charming retelling of the much-loved Bible story! Illustrated wi..
Jonah And The Whale

Superb retelling of folklore and anecdotes; vivid portrait of warmth, sincerity, and humor of hardy island residents.
The Aran Islands


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