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This is the first full account of a country that, following decades of isolation, has undergone unprecedented changes to its political system: the collapse of communism, the progression to multi-party elections and the upheaval that followed the March 1997..
The Albanians: A Modern History

When the award-winning poet David Bouchard first saw the artwork of First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers, he was struck by Vickers's reverence for nature and the vibrancy of his colors. He saw in Vickers's images the perfect complement to his own lyrical..
The Elders Are Watching

Una's quirks - swimming outdoors (naked) in the freezing cold, her St Tropez perma-tan and breaking into song- naturally put a strain on the holiday, and on their relationship.On the remote, windswept isle, surrounded by the idyllic Scottish countryside, i..

Using the 1816 edition of the journals as a base, Vickers compares it to earlier editions and, where available, to the manuscript journal, noting any variations.
The Journals Of Dr. Thomas Coke

The Vigorous Mind: Cross-train Your Brain to Break Through Mental, Emotional, and Professional Boundaries
The Vigorous Mind: Cross-train Your Brain to Break Through Mental, Emotional, and Professional Boundaries

Choice of dress has always been affected by numerous influences-social and economic, artistic and technical-and, or course, the vagaries of individual taste.
Art Of Dress

Volume 21 of The Jewish Law Annual adds to the growing list of articles on Jewish law that have been published in volumes 1- 20 of this series, providing English-speaking readers with scholarly articles presenting jurisprudential, historical, textual and..
Jewish Law Annual Volume 21

Vajrayogini Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism Binding: Paperback Publisher: Simon & Schuster Publish Date: 2002/11/01 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 563 Dimensions: 9.00 x 6.00 x 1.50 Weight: 1.82 ISBN-13: 9780861713295
Vajrayogini Studies In Indian And Tibetan Buddhism


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