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Homo Viator Updated Binding: Paperback Publisher: St Augustine Pr Inc Publish Date: 2010/12/10 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 317 Dimensions: 9.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 Weight: 1.15 ISBN-13: 9781587313615
Homo Viator Updated

However, poor cellular uptake and instability of DNA in the physiological milieu limits its therapeutic potential, hence a vector which can protect and efficiently transport DNA to the target cells must be developed. Nanotechnology-based non-viral vectors ..
Gene Therapy: Potential Applications Of Nanotechnology

Bush from his Democratic opponent, Al Gore. The outcome of the election rested on Florida's 25 electoral votes, and legal wrangling continued for 36 days. Then, abruptly, one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in U.S. history, Bush v. Gore, ..
The Voting Wars

Hy en die familie-juwele het egter spoorloos verdwyn. ʼn Spaanse seekaptein, Don Diego Fernandez, help haar om na haar vader te soek.In Goue horisonne probeer Gert Bezuidenhout om ná sy broer se dood Langlaagte teen ʼn belaglike prys by sy skoonsuster Hen..
Annelize Morgan Omnibus 6

Moving between historical precedents in the east and the west, Vetter
The Architecture Of Control

This book therefore aims to give both the voter and the decision maker a new vision of how to manage crises and avert hostilities with non-traditional means.
Asymmetries Of Conflict

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 115 Dimensions: 8.75 x 5.75 x 0.25 Weight: 0.40
Minorities And The Law At Issue Series

Ground Wars provides an in-depth ethnographic portrait of two such campaigns, New Jersey Democrat Linda Stender's and that of Democratic Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut, who both ran for Congress in 2008. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen examines how American pol..
Ground Wars


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