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Take Lola Montez, siren, harpy, courtesan, Royal mistress and Spanish dancer, born in County Sligo as Eliza Rosanna Gilbert. Her flamboyant lifestyle and turbulent private life had their roots in her time at a demure finishing school in Bath. Then there&ap..
Bath Curiosities

Mientras Ursúa delinea su plan y conforma a su grupo, sus ojos se cruzan con los de Inés de Atienza, la bella mestiza cuyo amor le hará darse cuenta que un hombre como él es capaz de lidiar con sólo una obsesi&o..
La Serpiente Sin Ojos

Imagine holding history in your hands. Now you can. Digitally preserved and previously accessible only through libraries as Early English Books Online, this rare material is now available in single print editions. Thousands of books written between 1475 an..
The Tragedy Of Mustapha (1609)

Topics covered in this book include saturated model criteria for model completeness and elimination of quantifiers; Morley rank and degree of element types; categoricity in power; two-cardinal theorems; existence and uniqueness of prime model extensions of..
Saturated Model Theory

Renowned ethicist Miguel De La Torre argues that we all create Jesus in our own image, reflecting and reinforcing the values of communities—sometimes for better, and often for worse. In light of the increasing economic and social inequality around th..
The Politics Of Jesús

All techniques meet current USDA guidelines.
Pickles & Relishes: From Apples To Zucchini, 150 Recipes For Preserving The Harvest

No Synopsis Available
A Jar of Dreams

Desde entonces, ha sobrevivido solo, aislado.El tiempo pasa y el gobierno aspira a restablecer la ley. Pretende crear un nuevo orden basado en el consumo racional de energía limpia. Las autoridades reclaman a Robert porque en su día particip&..
Proyecto Omega


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