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Pur could refer to: , a polymeric material
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Revisions for this tenth edition have centred in particular on the Information Society and its ramifications, on the general shift towards electronic resources, and on e-commerce, e-learning and e-government, whilst at the same time maintaining key areas p..
Harrod's Librarians' Glossary And Reference Book

Urlacher, writhing in pain on the Metrodome turf during the team's final game, was the final blow to the Bears' 2011 season, which had begun with a promising 7-3 record, ended with the insult of an 8-8 record, and serious injuries to the team's three bigge..
Chicago Bears: The Drive To 2012: An In-depth Guide To Off-season Moves And Pre-season News

Provides an in-depth review of current print and electronic tools for research in numerous disciplines of biology, including dictionaries and encyclopedias, method guides, handbooks, on-line directories, and periodicals. Directs readers to an associated We..
Using the Biological Literature

Male Infertility (Current Clinical Urology) Publisher: Springer Verlag Publish Date: 10/1/2010 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 133 Weight: 1.54 ISBN-13: 9781607611929 Dewey: 616
Male Infertility (current Clinical Urology)

This is the personal story of one man''s medical experience in South Africa set in the context of apartheid and the HIV/AIDS explosion. Before his retirement, Johan Naude was president of the South African Urological Association, and a renowned transplant ..
Making the Cut in South Africa: A Medico-Politico Journey

Questions in Daily Urological Practice 1 Binding: Hardcover Publisher: Springer Verlag Publish Date: 2008/06/15 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 287 Dimensions: 11.00 x 8.50 x 0.75 Weight: 2.60 ISBN-13: 9784431728184
Questions In Daily Urological Practice 1

Common Urologic Problems 1 Binding: Paperback Publisher: Jp Medical Pub Publish Date: 2014/03/01 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 311 Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.75 x 0.75 Weight: 1.48 ISBN-13: 9789350908419
Common Urologic Problems 1

Lecture Notes on Urology Binding: Paperback Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd Publish Date: 1989-10-26 Pages: 348 Weight: 1.94 ISBN-13: 9780632024926 ISBN-10: 0632024925
Lecture Notes On Urology


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