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Her record of those events is important, but there is much else of interest in her autobiography. In fact, it is a bit unusual that someone such as her would have left such an engaging record of her life. The daughter of an English gardener, Patience Load..
Recollections Of Past Days (ebook)

. . clear exposition of unusual and more advanced topics . . . Develops material to substantial level.
Pearls In Graph Theory

By the author of the Body Finder series. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 341 Dimensions: 8.50 x 6.00 x 1.25 Weight: 0.94
The Essence Pledge

In Judith Hooper’s magnificent novel, zingers such as this fly back and forth between the endlessly articulate and letter-writing Jameses, all of whom are geniuses at gossiping. And the James family did, in fact, know everyone intellectually important on..
Alice In Bed

Through a broad and unusual cast of characters
Debating The American State: Liberal Anxieties And The New Leviathan, 1930-1970

Shaklin soon proves to possess a charismatic power that inspires everyone he meets to a new faith and hope for humanity. As Cutter’s business expands across the Middle East and Asia, so does Shaklin’s fame, unifying people from a wide array of cultures..
Round The Bend

Beautifully illustrated in full color, the step-by-step recipes show you how to use unusual ingredients and achieve the authentic flavors of India.
Book Of Curries And Indian Foods

While exploring the contents of Great-uncle''s antiques-and-junk store, they find a parcel marked FOR DEAR LETICIA, MY SHABTI BOX. The decorated Egyptian box inside holds the shabti, a colorful wooden figure of a girl in painted mummy wrappings f..
The Egyptian Box


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