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Squelch-tech fully automatic ground balance eliminates false signals Push button discrimination & 1-touch depth control 4-segment cigital target identification & 3-tone audio feedback for accurate identification of buried objects 8" interchangeable wate..
Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

But for psychic detective Ophelia Wylde, the wild west is about to get wilder. . . Messages From Beyond?When telegraph keys across the country begin bursting into flames--and chattering ghostly nonsense--the terror and turmoil is enough to bring the rail..
Giving Up The Ghost

The history of communication in the United States is linked to the ongoing development of electronics in the United States. The country started out with the usual communication tools of speech, writing, and books. The telegraph, which is now a part of hist..
Chronology Of Communication In The United States

U.s. Supreme Court Transcript Of Record Pacific States Telephone & Telegraph Co V. State Of Oregon
U.s. Supreme Court Transcript Of Record Pacific States Telephone & Telegraph Co V. State Of Oregon

Did he want her badly enough to commit murder? And if Madvig was innocent, which of his dozens of enemies was doing an awfully good job of framing him? Dashiell Hammett''s tour de force of detective fiction combines an airtight plot, authenticall..
The Glass Key

Over the course of a career spanning 70 years, William Deedes, or "Dear Bill," has become one of the most respected and admired journalists of the last century. This is his story, told with his characteristic modesty, insight and wit. As a young reporter,..
Macmillan UK

This first collection of the finest letters written to the paper over the years ranges from Bodyline to helmets, swing bowling to sunglasses. SIR-I don't see why batsmen today accept being confronted by bowlers wearing gold necklaces and particularly sungl..
Not In My Day Sir: Cricketing Letters To The Daily Telegraph


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