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150,000 first printing. Reprint. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 376 Dimensions: 6.50 x 4.25 x 1.25 Weight: 0.40
Takeover Reprint

On the campus of the University of Tennessee lies a patch of ground unlike any in the world. The Body Farm is a place where human corpses are left to the elements, and every manner of decay is fully explored -- for the sake of science and the cause of just..
Carved in Bone

Marked by brazen displays of ego not seen in American business for decades, it became the high point of a new gilded age and its repercussions are still being felt. The tale remains the ultimate story of greed and glory-a story and a cast of characters tha..
Barbarians At The Gate:  The Fall Of Rjr Nabisco

Dark-eyed and distant Alma Rubens was one of the first female stars of the early feature film industry in the 1910s. She was a major star by 1920, but before the decade was over her screen career was marked and marred by cocaine abuse. She died in 1931 at ..
Alma Rubens, Silent Snowbird: The Complete 1930 Memoir, with a New Biography and Filmography

The 11 project-based lessons in this book show readers step-by-step the key techniques for working in Photoshop Lightroom 5. And brand-new to this edition is a showcase of extraordinary images by working professional photographers that provides the perfect..
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

It also explains your rights as a taxpayer, how to handle collection efforts and safeguard your assets, and what to do if you are audited.
Stand Up To The Irs

Cast, seven of today
Immortal: Love Stories With Bite

It ended a string of Japanese victories, but it was also a horrible embarrassment to the U.S. Navy, which had three heavy cruisers damaged and one sunk to enemy torpedoes. After the battle, American commanders erroneously reported that multiple enemy ships..
The Battle Of Tassafaronga


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