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Takeovers And The Theory Of The Firm

However, these new materials have so far been applied in a diversebut largely idiosyncratic nature, because relatively few architects have access toinformation about the types or properties of these new materials or technologies.Two of the leading experts ..
Smart Materials And Technologies In Architecture

America teeters on the edge of bankruptcy because of crushing foreign debt and an apparent savior, The Talos Corporation, delivers training for soldiers and security forces around the world, logistical support and badly-needed troops economically, but with..

Edward Morris provides a thorough account of Wall Street’s transformation from a clubby enclave of financiers to a symbol of vast economic power. His book begins with J. Pierpont Morgan, who ruled the American banking system at the turn of the twentieth ..
Wall Streeters

Dark-eyed and distant Alma Rubens was one of the first female stars of the early feature film industry in the 1910s. She was a major star by 1920, but before the decade was over her screen career was marked and marred by cocaine abuse. She died in 1931 at ..
Alma Rubens, Silent Snowbird: The Complete 1930 Memoir, with a New Biography and Filmography

Die Autoren informieren über den jüngsten Stand der Teamforschung und präsentieren neue empirische Befunde aus Deutschland. Das Spektrum der untersuchten Teams reicht von Innovationsteams in der Software-Entwicklung über Fertigungsteams des Maschinenba..
Management von Teams: Theoretische Konzepte und empirische Befunde (German Edition)

But was it the job she wanted, or just her new boss, the devastatingly handsome Gavin Renard? He''d made millions as a corporate raider, but taking over the Lambert''s retail conglomerate wasn''t about business— Gavin w..
High-society Mistress

The book is divided into seven major sections, covering the corporate entity, corporate governance and constitution to corporate finance, insolvency, and ending with corporate restructuring and takeovers. The text is fully up to date and reflects numerous ..
Company Law


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