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Lange and Sohne - Great Timepieces from Saxony'' is a standard work of encyclopaedic precision and a must for every true aficionado of mechanical watchmaking.
A. Lange & Sohne - Great Timepieces From Saxony: Volumes I & 2

This book is part of the Tempus Oral History series, which combines the reminiscences of local people with old photographs and archived images to show the history of various ...
Voices of the Potteries

Millions of people each year visit the 4.2-acre complex known worldwide as The Alamo. They come to see the old mission in San Antonio, Texas, where a small band of Texan revolutionaries and other heroes fought to the death, holding out for thirteen days ag..
The Alamo

Deborah Wingard, the daughter of an asylum physician, hates the upheaval of the Civil War and fears the impending destruction raging toward her doorstep...
A Perfect Tempest

Histoire Philosophique Et Politique De Russie, Depuis Les Temps Les Plus ReculÚs Jusqu''Ó Nos Jours, Volume 4

This unique edition includes the realization of ornaments and guidance concerning tempos and articulation.
18 Short Preludes For The Keyboard

The last ten years have seen rapid advances in the understanding of differentiable four-manifolds, not least of which has been the discovery of new exotic manifolds. These results have had far-reaching consequences in geometry, topology, and mathematical p..
The Geometry of Four-Manifolds


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