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For a start, it's nothing like the Diamond Beach that Marcus's mother remembers from her childhood, and Marcus can think of a hundred better ways of spending his holiday than in their crusty old caravan.But it doesn't take long for the caravan to reveal it..
The Paradise Trap

No Synopsis Available
My Antonia

This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from Out of Water: From Abundance to Scarcity and How to Solve the World
Climate Change And Water Supply

An extensive array of exercises and learning aidsfurther complements the instruction readers would receive in classand during office hours.
College Algebra, 2/e

A radically different theory of value and of consumer behaviour is proposed based on existential interpretations of scarcity, value and self-interest. For self-conscious mortals, only time is scarce. All other is derivative scarcity. Value is in the life, ..
Against Utility-based Economics

To her horror, Lena finds herself rubbing elbows with extremist politicians and members of local fascist groups. Though she becomes a target for murder because of her investigations, an attempt against Lena Jones’ life pales in comparison to what happens..
Desert Shadows: A Lena Jones Mystery

It brings together multiple disciplines to understand and help resolve problems of water quality and scarcity from a global perspective. Its case studies and 'foundation' chapters will be greatly valued by students, researchers and professionals in water i..
Water Resources Planning And Management

As sensible as it may seem in an era when fuel prices are skyrocketing in tandem with environmental consciousness, a switch to bicycle commuting doesn
Bicycle Commuter's Handbook


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