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The story of a Black man's search for his identity through a discovery of his family history, it became a bestseller and drew praise from readers and critics when it was published in 1977. The novel has been especially admired for the beauty of its languag..

Electrical Engineering/Communications/Information Theory The Berlekamp article alone will make this book worth having. David Forney, Vice President, Motorola Codex Reed-Solomon Codes and Their Applications Edited by Stephen B. Wicker, Georgia Institute of ..
Reed-Solomon Codes

An overwhelming sense of foreboding ... when the unravelling takes place, it is brilliantly unexpected and original' The TimesJarvis Stringer lives in a crumbling schoolhouse overlooking a tube line, compiling his obsessive, secret history of London's Und..
King Solomon's Carpet: Psychological Thriller

He trains our heart, not just our mind, to fulfill His will and our responsibilities in time and eternity. The intended result? "You will find favor and good success in the sight of God and man (3:4)" as individuals, parents, children, friends, work associ..
A Season With Solomon

But at 17, it looked like her dream was shattered when she got pregnant by mistake. Always the fighter, new single mum Stacey rallied, found a college with a crèche for her son Zachery and waitressed at night, determined that he should have the opportunit..
Stacey: My Story So Far: My Story So Far

Government who can "see" events occuring on the other side of the globe, and her partner, CIA agent Jax Alexander, must race against time to stop an impending catastrophe when a nightmare created decades earlier by Nazi scientists is unearthed. Original. 5..
The Solomon Effect Original

Demonstrates that the usual theoretical distinction between black magic and white, evil magicand good, is not so simply drawn. Included in this edition is a new foreword by R. A. Gilbert, esoteric scholar and antiquarian bookseller.
The Key Of Solomon The King

Ballboy Chad tries to make peace by giving Solomon a rarely issued "umpire card," but the ump blows his top"-- Language: ENGLISH Pages: 103 Dimensions: 7.50 x 5.00 x 0.50 Weight: 0.24
You're Out! Topps League Story Gmc Lam Pa


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