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We do know that a growing body of research indicates that work capacity, oxygen consumption, and other measures of physical performance are affected by a deficiency or borderline deficiency in specific vitamins or essential trace elements. However, when it..
Sports Nutrition

Used Book in Good Condition In 1943, Albert Schatz, a young Rutgers College Ph.D. student, worked on a wartime project in microbiology professor Selman Waksman’s lab, searching for an antibiotic to fight infections on the front lines and at home. In his..
Experiment Eleven: Dark Secrets Behind the Discovery of a Wonder Drug

David Morley analyses the varieties of exile, diaspora, displacement, connectedness, mobility experienced by members of social groups, and relates the micro structures of the home, the family and the domestic realm, to contemporary debates about the nation..
Home Territories

Historically, health policymaking has been a slow yet persistent evolution. The ACA, in spite of its magnitude, is an excellent example of the incremental evolution that characterizes policymaking in the United States. This book provides context and backgr..
Health Policymaking In The United States

These puzzle movies borrow techniques—like fragmented spatio-temporal reality, time loops, unstable characters with split identities or unreliable narrators—more commonly attributed to art cinema and independent films. The essays in Hollywood Puzzle Fi..
Hollywood Puzzle Films

Key Features: - Each entry is consistently structured, providing: a clear definition, a focused explanation, a summary of current debates and areas of research, further reading, and references to other related concepts - Explains how and why particular res..
Key Research Concepts In Politics And International Relations

* Holds letter size documents for easy viewing. * Ledge is capable of holding thicker documents or books. * Includes two magnets for securing paper to the stand. This stainless steel wire mesh adds style to your workspace. Nestable design saves space, i..
Rolodex FG9C9500BLA Nestable Wire Mesh Freestanding Desktop Copyholder, Stainless Steel, Black

Some of them, the laser and the microchip for example, have become household words. Yet their origins and operation are largely unknown to the general public, remaining mysterious outside the field of engineering. Their advent brought about many of the mos..
Electronics: The Life Story Of A Technology


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