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An affair is a or a or attachment between two people.
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W. Norton, revised edition, 1989), a play by English dramatist Thomas Kyd, was written between 1582 and 1592, when the first known performance took place. Kyd was a popular dramatist in his day, although most of his plays have been lost. The Spanish Traged..

When Stephen Sondheim, the celebrated producer of hit Broadway musicals, saw a version of the play in London in the mid 1970s, he asked Hugh Wheeler to collaborate with him on a musical adaptation. When the new Sweeney Todd opened on Broadway in 1979, it b..

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 79 Dimensions: 7.00 x 5.00 x 0.25 Weight: 0.30
Stories Of Survival & Revenge

It was acclaimed an instant hit after a hugely successful opening night in 1939, even though drama and literary critics then, as now, disagreed over whether the melodramatic story of the greed-driven Hubbard family succeeds either as a morality play or as ..

Generally considered to be Webster's masterpiece, it tells the story of a young widow who marries against the wishes of her powerful brothers, setting off a storm of revenge. The startling violence, the unbelievable plot twists, the mysterious motives of t..

In the myth, after retrieving the golden fleece Jason brings his foreign wife to settle in Corinth. There Jason falls in love with the local princess, whose status in the city will bring Jason financial security. He marries her without telling Medea. Medea..

The Sentinel: The Sentinel is a gripping suspense thriller that delivers non-stop action. There's never been a traitor in the United States Secret Service…until now. The evidence points to Special Agent Garrison (Michael Douglas). Now on the ru..
Sentinel/ Man On Fire/ The Siege

High Order draws a picture of the deadly results that betrayal can yield. It drives one man to serial murder; sends a victim''s husband on his own deadly campaign for revenge; and leads a third person to form a devastating plan to prevent his ex-..
High Order


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