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Ultra-Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A New MRI Regime Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr Publish Date: 4/2/2014 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 239 Weight: 2.34 ISBN-13: 9780199796434 Dewey: 616.07/548
Ultra-low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A New Mri Regime

Now more popular than ever - J.J. Abrams' reinvented Star Trek movie was one of the box office hits of 2009, grossing $385 million worldwide - the 'franchise' continues to have cultural, social and political resonance around the world. Star Trek has change..
A Brief Guide To Star Trek

Rated for older teens.
Cheeky Angel, Vol. 8

Enduring Literature Illuminated by Practical Scholarship One noble family's descent into madness, mayhem, and murder -- the first play in Sophocles' great Theban trilogy. This Enriched Classic Edition includes: • A concise introduction that gives read..
Oedipus the King (Enriched Classics)

Expanded Coverage: New attractions and activities are covered in every port along with new lunch recommendations. Many ports of embarkation have new dining and lodging recommendations for cruisers who are embarking in different cities. Indispensable Trip P..
Fodor's Caribbean Ports Of Call

This book was a special artistic journey to bring Jane''s patterns to life with photography by Nicholas Kupiak, modeling by Kylee Shaw, and graphic design/layout & conception by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond. More than just a knitting book, ISLA..

Losing weight can be a constant and frustrating struggle. Rose Reisman`s Permanent Weight Loss Solutions creates a blueprint for lifelong weight control that doesn`t exclude any foods. Rose Reisman outlines nine successful weight loss strategies -- each ea..
Secrets Of Permanent Weight Loss: With 150 Delicious And Healthy Recipes For Success

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 363 Dimensions: 8.75 x 6.00 x 1.50 Weight: 1.00
The Milk Of Birds
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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (p=rʲɪsˈpublʲɪkə sɐˈxa jɪˈkutʲɪjə; Саха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтэ, Sakha Öröspǖbülükete) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). It has a population of 958,528 (2010 Census), consisting mainly

Business hours are the hours during the day in which business is commonly conducted. Typical business hours vary widely by country. By observing common informal standards for business hours, workers may communicate with each other more easily and find a c

Dalmatian may refer to: Dalmatia, a region mainly in the southern part of modern Croatia


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