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Code 39 (also known as Alpha39, Code 3 of 9, Code 3/9, Type 39, USS Code 39, or USD-3) is a variable length, discrete symbology.
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In doing so, he offers a new perspective about the reality of the Middle East and all the clichés that have transformed the Hebrew-Arab lexicon into a complex and hopeless minefield. It raises the question of whether the ongoing violent conflict between I..
The Abyss

The use of interactive educational materials makes it possible to bring the highest quality educational presentation from the world''s best minds to more people. Thus, the classroom can come to anyone at any place where he or she can be in front ..
Qge=a: Quality Generic Education Is The Answer

Tom Weng—a powerful sorcerer allied with the Old One who keeps trying to take over the world—is still alive. But that's not the worst. Weng is a dragon spawn, the product of a botched hatching given a human form in an attempt to keep him from going mad..
Dragon Spawn

Possible Side Effects Publisher: St Martins Pr Publish Date: 4/17/2007 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 320 Weight: 1.14 ISBN-13: 9780312426811 Dewey: 813/.6
Possible Side Effects

This book looks at the profound changes in Japan that made this jump possible and considers foreign firms' potential contribution to productivity and overall economic growth.
Foreign Direct Investment In Japan

Reprint. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 561 Dimensions: 7.50 x 4.50 x 1.50 Weight: 0.80
The Ghost War Reprint

Reprint. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 511 Dimensions: 6.75 x 4.50 x 1.25 Weight: 0.55
The Cutout Reprint

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 297 Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.25 x 1.25 Weight: 1.20
The Fear Cure


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