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However, notwithstanding the energetic research effort and despite the fact that there are many points of consensus, major controversies still exist.This volume is particularly concerned with the putative relationship between language and reading. It explo..
Orthography  Phonology  Morphology And Meaning (ebook)

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 333 Dimensions: 9.50 x 6.25 x 1.00 Weight: 1.38
Magnetoelectronics Of Microwaves And Extremely High Frequencies In Ferrite Films

'Active ageing' is one of the few concepts available today to effectively address the problems arising from a highly-aged and, particularly in East Asia, fast-ageing society, offering a new social policy paradigm to redirect and innovate new social policie..
Active Ageing In Asia Routledge Studies In Social Welfare In Asia

Modelling and Identification With Rational Orthogonal Basis Functions Publisher: Springer Verlag Publish Date: 12/14/2011 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 424 Weight: 1.88 ISBN-13: 9781849969765 Dewey: 670
Modelling And Identification With Rational Orthogonal Basis Functions

- Paris-based British artist Lucy Orta (b. 1966) bridges the boundaries of the visual arts by merging fashion, social engagement, poetry and performance- This is the only monograph on her work- Orta's work encourages active participation from diverse membe..
Lucy Orta

Government. Their scientists explore our environment and ecosystems, to determine the natural dangers we are facing. The agency has over 10,000 employees that collect, monitor, and analyze data so that they have a better understanding of our problems. The ..
Geophysical Studies Based On Gravity And Seismic Data Of Tule Desert, Meadow Valley Wash, And California Wash Basins, Southern Nev

This volume is a comparative study of the Indian and American experiences of democracy. They deal with institutions and ethnicity, idea of the nation-state, linguistic diversity, minorities question, political parties and democratic practices, federalism a..
Democracy and Diversity: Comparing India and the United States

Han Mongol Encounters and Missionary Endeavors traces the history of the Belgian Scheut mission within the ecological, geopolitical, socioeconomic and ethnocultural context of the Mongol-Han borderlands during the height of European colonialism and the col..
Han-Mongol Encounters and Missionary Endeavors: A History of Scheut in Ordos (Hetao), 1874-1911 (Leuven Chinese Studies) (v. 15)


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