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Internet Culture maps this new domain of language, politics and identity, locating it within the histories of communication and the public sphere. Internet Culture offers a critical interrogation of the sustaining myths of the virtual world and of the impl..
Internet Culture

In Ojibwe (or Chippewa in the United States) culture a dream catcher is a hand-crafted willow hoop with woven netting that is decorated with sacred and personal items such as feathers and beads. The Native American tradition of making dream catchers--hoops..
Dream Catchers: Legend, Lore And Artifacts

Has done for years. Then one morning he wakes to see a canvas city being erected in front of him. And Danny finds himself swept up in the last occupation of London. Protest Song is a fictional play inspired by real events. Tim Price's funny and savage mono..
Protest Song

Cause I Can
Cause I Can

American Indian Environmental Ethics: An Ojibwa Case Study
American Indian Environmental Ethics: An Ojibwa Case Study

Between the high Sierras south from Yosemite and on into the Mojave Desert is the territory that Austin calls the Land of Little Rain. Austin vividly describes the landscape and the few human beings who occupy the land--cattlemen, miners, and Paiute Indian..
The Land of Little Rain

For generations, the Ojibwe bands of northern Wisconsin have spearfished spawning walleyed pike in the springtime. The bands reserved hunting, fishing, and gathering rights on the lands that would become the northern third of Wisconsin in treaties signed w..
The Walleye War

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 240 Dimensions: 9.50 x 6.50 x 0.75 Weight: 1.14
Planet Of The Bugs


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