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Frank Vincent ZappaUntil discovering his birth certificate as an adult, Zappa believed he had been christened "Francis", and he is credited as Francis on some of his early albums. His legal name was always "Frank", however, never "Francis". Cf. Zappa with Occhiogrosso, 1989, The Real Frank Zappa Book, p. 15. (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993) was an American musician, bandleader, songwriter, composer, recording engineer, record producer, and film director. In a career spanning more than 30 ..
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''''Comparative religion can be dry, but not the way Occhiogrosso writes it. Not only is this fat book comprehensive, it''''s lively and perhaps best of all, easy to understand. An excellent resource...
The Joy Of Sects: A Spirited Guide To The World''s Religious Traditions

. . . Very highly recommended.- Midwest Book Review The classic 1906 essay on tea drinking, its history, aesthetics, and deep connection to Japanese culture. Kakuzo Okakura felt Teaism could influence the world: Tea with us becomes more than an idealisat..
The Book Of Tea

Jones, Guest EditorHistory and Commemoration: The Emancipation Proclamation at 150James OakesReluctant to Emancipate? Another Look at the First Confiscation ActStephen Sawyer
Journal Of The Civil War Era: Winter 2013 Issue -- Proclaiming Emancipation At 150: A Special Issue

Through his intimate knowledge of Japanese aesthetics and ability to effectively communicate them to a Western audience, Okakura is able to discuss ''Teaism'' and its impact on Japanese culture, thought, and life in an informative and p..
The Book Of Tea

Ogekuri, when Ruko''s step-mother, Masuyo gets in the way! The Mistress of S&M has taken Ogekuri to a whole new level of servitude and he may not come out of it! Can Ruko snap him back into shape with her undying love and devotion, or will the ..
Ogenki Clinic Volume 9

Ogasawara, Tokyo
Ogasawara, Tokyo

Drawing on--and countering--a tradition of Japanese shadow aesthetics, Ogasawara gives only the most minimal visual clues, which lends the paintings a simultaneous clarity and obscurity.
Miwa Ogasawara

Petrovitch will free him one day, he just has to trust Michael will still be sane by the time he does. Maddy and Petrovitch have trust issues. She's left him, but Petrovitch is pretty sure she still loves him. Sonja Oshicora loves Petrovitch too. But she's..
Degrees Of Freedom Samuil Petrovitch 1


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