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"Howl" is considered to be one of the great works of American literature. It came to be associated with the group of writers known as the Beat Generation, which included Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. There is no foundation to the myth that "Howl" ..
Howl, And Other Poems

Within two weeks after its release, it was listed number one on The New York Times best-seller list, and it stayed there for thirty weeks. It remained immensely popular for many years, especially among teenagers and young adults, largely because of its fre..

Officemate Looseleaf Book Rings Type: Fasteners
Officemate Looseleaf Book Rings

The legal successes at the national level in the mid 1960s did not end the movement, Crosby contends, but rather emboldened people across the South to initiate waves of new actions around local issues. Escalating assertiveness and demands of African Americ..
A Little Taste Of Freedom: The Black Freedom Struggle In Claiborne County, Mississippi

Coverage is inter-disciplinary, with contributions from media studies, political economy and journalists themselves. It features a wide range of countries, including the USA, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Australia, and a completely new history of financi..
The Media And Financial Crises

All publications are aimed at top researchers in the field and all papers in the proceedings volumes will be strictly peer reviewed.The series aims to cover the following areas of computer and computational sciences:Computer ScienceHardwareComputer Systems..
International E-conference Of Computer Science 2006

Your Murderer is a richly grotesque hodgepodge of different linguistic levels that defies all rules and mixes a powerful cocktail out of traditional slogans, invented obscentities, foreign words and phrases, terminology from sports and heavy drinking, and ..
Your Murderer

This MIE volume covers methods for a multitude of topics among which are computational methods, laboratory methods, enzyme optimization, binding proteins/antibodies, and screening technologies.Table of Contents-Methodology-Applications-Opzimization and Scr..
Protein Engineering


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