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Additional topics include fungal control of nematodes, control of plant disease by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, strategies for controlling vegetable and fruit crops, molecular biology tactics with mycotoxigenic fungi and the development of biofungicides, ..
Fungal Biotechnology In Agricultural, Food, And Environmental Applications

. . Heritage Mariner and Greenbaum International have financed an ecological experiment to prove how swiftly rubbish can foul the oceans by dropping and tracking a plastic bottle into a Tokyo river. Filled with lottery tickets for extra publicity – one o..
Dead Sea

A focus is given on regional issues. A review on nematode management in cotton is integrated by a chapter on management of nematodes on wheat. New technologies are also revised.
Integrated Management And Biocontrol Of Vegetable And Grain Crops Nematodes

The people of Aquilonia are turning against him, and a conspiracy to dethrone him develops.
The Phoenix On The Sword: With Linked Table Of Contents

Shaklin soon proves to possess a charismatic power that inspires everyone he meets to a new faith and hope for humanity. As Cutter’s business expands across the Middle East and Asia, so does Shaklin’s fame, unifying people from a wide array of cultures..
Round The Bend

Although the term disease implies a pathological condition brought about by an infectious agent, a broader concept is used here.
Diseases Of Nematodes

Vampires, demons, or shapeshifters, they can save the world-or send it spiraling into chaos. In this exclusive ebook short story, Sirina Lan Maro, a fearless warrior from beyond the Rift, fights to save her world. But when her own cousin plots against her,..
Into The Rift

On Vishnu (Hindu deity) and his ten incarnations. *Author: Krishna, Nanditha *Publication Date: 2010/06/23 *Number of Pages: 149 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English *Depth: 0.50 *Width: 4.25 *Height: 6.75
The Book of Vishnu


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