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Author Phillip O. Keirstead began writing about television news technology decades ago in an effort to help television news managers cope with technological change. In this text, he demonstrates the myriad ways in which today's journalism is tied to techno..
Computers In Broadcast And Cable Newsrooms

Recognizing that local news is the outlet through which most people get their news, Heider ventured into the local television newsrooms in two moderate-size, culturally diverse U.S. markets to observe the news process. In this report, he uses his insider's..
White News

She pre-fers to stay in the newspaper “morgue” and do her job, and hopes the editors stay in the newsroom and do theirs.Then one Saturday she sees four elderly women get out of a taxicab at a garage sale. She figures that those women must hire the cabb..
The Unraveling Of Violeta Bell

Use this collection of journalism case studies as ready-made curriculum to introduce students of journalism and mass communications to some of the most urgent issues facing the media industry. Each of the 10 cases reflects original research about real-life..
Our Digital Future: Boardrooms and Newsrooms

Fully revised, the 2014 AP Stylebook features a new religion chapter with over 200 terms and updated science and medical terms. At more than 500 pages, the AP Stylebook is widely used as a writing and editing reference in newsrooms, classrooms and corporat..
The Associated Press Stylebook 2014 (Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law)

From Woolley’s initiation at the El Paso Times to his smoking cigars with Andres Segovia and his pulling on the pant leg of Louie Armstrong to get an interview, this is the tale of the cantankerous, boozy, cynical, and somehow heroic characters who o..
The Wonderful Room: The Making Of A Texas Newspaperman

The stars are properly aligned for an attempt to resurrect a long-dead evil sorcerer. A little investigating leads Buffy and the gang to the necromancer who originally killed the sorcerer, an immortal Russian sorceress who happens to live in Sunnydale. Ori..
The Deathless

After a dangerous encounter with the emerald-haired robotic assassin Aphrodite IV, Pezzini is immediately pulled into the prelude for the earth-shattering events of Artifacts. Included in this volume are Sara''s encounter with Abigail van Alstine..
Witchblade:  Redemption Volume 2 Tp


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