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Mississippian copper plates, or plaques, are plain and repouss├ęd plates of beaten copper crafted by peoples of the various regional expressions of the Mississippian culture between 800 to 1600 CE. They have been found as artifacts in in the American Midwest and Southeast. The plates, found as far afield as Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, were instrumental in the development of the archaeological concept known as the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. Some of the..
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Headphones & Speakers in one Neodymium speakers with amplified Sound Custom vented ear cups & memory foam touchpoints Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery Folding design & protective case FLIPS are revolutionary HD Headphones that FLIP into amplified, powe..
Flips Audio FH2815WH Collapsible HD Headphones and Stereo Speakers, White

1. (Allegro) 2. Andante - Allegretto Tranquillo - Andante 3. Presto 4. Fantasia 5. Fugue 6. Allemande 7. Courante 8. Sarabande 9. Menuets I and II 10. Gigue 11. Allemande 12. Courante 13. Sarabande 14. Air 15. Menuets I and II 16. Gigue
Wolfgang Rubsam - Bach J.S./French Suites

However, Sky remembers the last three months living her life as normal, and since she is a full, living breathing human being, she has no idea whose body is buried underneath her tombstone. Everyone seems reluctant to help except her steadfast friend and c..
Blackfin Sky

The other six months, Tanis lives in Paris in a seventeenth-century apartment, where he hosts intimate dinners for friends and paying guests, and prepares the food in a small kitchen equipped with nothing more than an old stove, a little counter space, and..
A Platter Of Figs And Other Recipes

For three months, Kade had posed as Bree Winston's husband at the Fulbright Fertility Clinic, while the two FBI agents investigated a trail of illegal adoptions and surrogates. Nine months later, a baby was dropped at his feet—and Bree was nowhere..

The English Electric Lightning was a supersonic jet fighter aircraft of the Cold War era, noted for its great speed. It is the onlyall-British Mach 2 fighter and was the first aircraft in the world capable of cruising at Mach speeds. It could also carry t..
Airfix English Electric Lightning F2A

A strong indictment of the market system. All the more timely with the recent moves in global trade.--Peace and Environment NewsThere are alternatives to the market, but unless we begin to resist the monetization of all human activity, they will be relegat..
Myth Of The Market

When Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, fall in love, they are swept up in a series of violent events and cruel twists of fortune. Their secret meetings propel them inexorably to a tragic fate. A true masterpiece, this unforgettable work contains so..
Romeo And Juliet

From risk-loving entrepreneurs Richard Branson and the boys at Google to self-starters like IKEA’s Ingvar Kamprad; from one-person brands like Oprah to billionaire investment oracle Warren Buffett, this book delves into the hearts, minds and business..
100 Great Businesses And The Minds Behind Them

B p p b Wheel for the Web b p p Say good bye to the tricky touchpad. Micro precise scrolling makes everything you love to do online easier. p p b A comfort to many b p p Treat your hand to the comfy, contoured shape and soft rubber grips of ..
Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 - Optical - Wireless - Radio Frequency - Brilliant Rose - Usb - Tilt Wheel 910-003121

Br br b b Reliable wireless br br b No delays or dropouts. The tiny wireless receiver gives you a connection you can count on. br br b All year power pack br br b With 12 months of battery life, you don't have to deal with the ..
Logitech 910-004426 Wireless Mouse M185 - Optical - Wireless - Radio Frequency - Gray - Usb - 1000 Dpi - Computer, Notebook - Scroll Wheel - 3 Button(s) - Symmetrical

You just have to simply slide the mount's gimbal tube into your boat's recessed holder. It is easy to remove it by just pulling up and out of rod holder. It is Available in 9"" or 12"" tube lengths with 1-1/2"" O.D. Tube. Gimbal Mount Features: Gimbal Moun..
Cannon Gimbal Mount-12 Gimbal Mount

This Inflatable Boat is manufactured to the highest quality available assuring a heavy duty performance for all time. They're lightweight, portable and ideal for lakes and slow moving streams. The Angler Bay boats also come with locations for motor mounts ..
Airhead Ahibf06 Angler Bay 6 Person Inflatable Boat

"Panasonic AY-DVM60EJ, 60 Minute Mini DV Tape, Recording Time Up To 90 Minutes (SLP) Up To 60 Minutes (SP), Linear Plus Tape Grade, Or - 5 Impulse Response, Continuous Varying Incidence, Reduced Tape Friction, Compatible With: Panasonic GS Series PV-GS85 P..
Panasonic Ay-dvm60ej 60-minute Mini Dv Tape

This features three precision plus heads that easily shave long hairs and stubble . The waterproof design rubber grip gives you the convenience to shave dry over the sink, or with a gel/foam in the shower super smooth, The Remington AQ7A boasts a pop-up tr..
Remington Aq7a Mens 3 Blade Rotary Shaver

This 8MP trail camera take photos with one-second trigger speed, and can be programmed to wait for a select period of time from 1 sec to 60 minutes. Field Scan time-lapse technology gives you the real picture of game movement to provide more accurate anima..

The Navionics Classic charts provide genuine cartography that's clear and easy to read at all zoom levels, ideal for older generation chartplotters not compatible with Gold Charts. The Classic charts features new large size coverage areas to afford the bes..


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