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* 12-inch Dual Vented Enclosure * Shared Chambers * MDF Construction * Completely Carpeted Enclosure * 1-inch Speaker Baffles * MDF Construction with 1-inch Speaker Baffle * Miter & Dado Construction with Premium Carpeted Finish * Center Slot Vent w..
Bbox Pro SeriesDual 12-Inch Shared Vent Subwoofer Enclosure (Charcoal)

If the majority of the artists took the time to succeed with their first album, this was not the case with Jeanne MAS in 1985, when her first album was released. Her sales exploded in all the different publishings brackets of the time, thanks to three majo..
Jeanne Mas - Paper Sleeve - CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe

Antes de ser libres (Spanish Edition)
Antes de ser libres (Spanish Edition)

Caballo de Troya 9. Cana (Spanish Edition) (Caballa de Troya)
Caballo de Troya 9. Cana (Spanish Edition) (Caballa de Troya)

Although agents and simulation have been used effectively in a variety of application domains, much of the supporting research remains scattered in the literature, too often leaving scientists to develop multi-agent system (MAS) models and simulations from..
Multi-agent Systems

The starting point was the introduction of the adaptive strategy called regret-matching, which on the one hand is simple and natural, and on the other is shown to lead to correlated equilibria. This initial finding — boundedly rational behavior that..
Simple Adaptive Strategies

Es fácil dejar pasar artículos, dadas las carreras que la vida nos interpone cada día. Este libro me ofrece la oportunidad de reunir mis artículos favoritos en un solo lugar, y de agrupar una diversidad de ideas, emociones, y lecciones en algo mas cohe..
La Luz Y La Vida

Es un conjunto de habilidades y capacidades que se pueden observar y aprender y que pueden aplicarse en todos los niveles.--Jim Kouzes y Barry PosnerEl Inventario de Practicas de Liderazgo (IPL) es la herramienta de liderazgo mas confiable de su generacion..
The Leadership Practices Inventory, Participants Workbook (spanish)

Imagine holding history in your hands. Now you can. Digitally preserved and previously accessible only through libraries as Early English Books Online, this rare material is now available in single print editions. Thousands of books written between 1475 an..
The Historie Of The Great And Mightie Kingdome Of China, And The Situation Thereof Togither With The Great Riches, Huge Citties, P

But while Mas keeps lawns neatly trimmed, his own life has gone to seed. His wife is dead. And his livelihood is falling into the hands of the men he once hired by the day. For Mas, a life of sin is catching up to him. And now bachi—the spirit of retribu..
Summer Of The Big Bachi


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