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Cooking oil is plant, animal, or synthetic used in frying, baking, and other types of cooking. It is also used in food preparation and flavouring that doesn't involve heat, such as salad dressings and bread dips, and in this sense might be more accurately termed edible oil.
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Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep gives one of her finest-ever performances (Empire Magazine) in The Iron Lady. Telling the compelling story of Margaret Thatcher a woman who smashed through the barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated..
The Iron Lady

The author examines how RCA shaped a sophisticated consumer electronics technology in a research and development effort that spanned fifteen years. We see how the company''s history, its structure, its technical capability, and its competition al..
The Business Of Research: Rca And The Videodisc

It was the winter of 1851-1852 when the word gold echoed throughout the valley. Soon hundreds of gold miners flocked to Table Rock City, later renamed Jacksonville...

The Awakening is the chilling tale of American archaeologist Matt Corbeck (Charlton Heston) who arrives in Egypt with his pregnant wife searching for the tomb of Queen Kara: his life's mission. At the same moment he discovers the tomb and opens its accur..
The Awakening

Oliphant Scottish author, Margaret Oliphant belonged to a well known and highly regarded group of female fiction writers of the Victorian period. Their individual talents are undeniable, but their career paths often followed a remarkably similar pattern. ..
The Collected Supernatural And Weird Fiction Of Mrs Oliphant: Volume 3-the Complete Novel 'the Wizard's

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Infanticide. Child sacrifice in pre- Columbian cultures, Child euthanasia, Early infanticidal childrearing, Missing women of Asia, Infanticide (zoology), Abortion, Baby- farming, Child sacrifice, Female perversion, Filicide, La Llorona, Margaret Garner, Me..

1999 - In a world of scientific chaos, cloning and genetic engineering, the cellar of the same house reveals a dark secret buried for 200 years.An Experiment with an Air Pump was joint recipient of the 1997 Margaret Ramsay Award and premiered at The Royal ..
An Experiment With An Air Pump

In this engaging expose of his life and work until his receipt of the Nobel Prize in 1999, Ahmed Zewail explores in non-technical language the landscape of molecules glimpsed on the scale of one quadrillionth of a second: the femtosecond
Voyage Through Time

19502 Features: T6 Hyper Tera LED Dome Bulb, High Output LED Interior & Marker Bulbs, White 6000K Beam Color, 2-3 Watt LEDs, Dome light, Plug & Play"
Piaa 19502 T-6 Dome Bulb Led Hyper Tera Evolution 6100k

The Xtreme white bulbs provide closest color yet to HID. Xtreme White Series of bulbs produce a cool white light output and a blue top coat on the bulbs adds a slight blue tint without loss of performance. The wedge bulbs can be used in a range of applicat..
Piaa 19172 168 Wedge Bulb Xtreme White 5w Twin Pack

010-11202-00 Features: Autopilot Verado Adapter Kit, For Autopilot System w/ Mercury Verado Engines, Works with Garmin Models: GHP: 10 Marine Autopilot System"
Garmin 010-11202-00  Autopilot Verado Adapter Kit

The Control Marker is orange and white in colour for good visibility. It is waterproof and hangs using nylon cords that can hold up in rough weather. The triangular metal frames helps to keep the marker's shape in a clear, visible view for the suunto compa..
Suunto Marker 30 X 30cm Control Marker

010-11202-01 Features: Autopilot Verado Adapter Kit, For Smart Pump Autopilot System w/ Mercury Verado Engines, Works with Garmin Models: GHP&trade : 20 Marine Autopilot System w/ SmartPump"
Garmin 010-11202-01 Verado Adapter Kit

This includes the necessary pair of 6 feet mercury hoses to adapt your compatible Simrad autopilot pump. VERHOSEKIT6 Features: Mercury Verado Hose, Part Number: VERHOSEKIT6, For Installation w/ Mercury Verado Motors, 6 ft Hoses"

Isolation hoses are installed between our 1.2 (0.32 gal) and 2 (0.53 gal) L autopilot pumps and the boat's steel-braided Mercury verado steering hose. Kit includes two 12"" (30.48 cm) high-pressure reinforced 4 diameter hoses. 010-11204-00 Features: Autopi..

This includes the necessary hoses and fittings to adapt your compatible Simrad autopilot pump. 21116272 Features: Verado Fitting Kit, Part Number: 21116272, For Installation w/ Mercury Verado Motors, Return Hose"


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