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In shipping, break bulk cargo or general cargo are goods that must be loaded individually, and not in intermodal containers nor in bulk cargo as with oil or grain. Ships that carry this sort of cargo are often called general cargo ships. The term break bulk derives from the phrase breaking bulk—the extraction of a portion of the cargo of a ship or the beginning of the unloading process from the ship's holds. These goods may not be in . Break bulk cargo is transported in , , , , or . of items secur..
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In this project, we pursued the epitaxial liftoff approach, which leaves a very clean substrate after use that can be readily reinserted into an epi-growth reactor. If, as many believe, the epi-growth step can be streamlined and reduced in cost, this would..
Ultra-efficient Epitaxial Liftoff Solar Cells Exploiting Optical Confinement In The Wave Limit: Final Technical Report

Published in 1859 – thirteen years prior to her seminal novel, Middlemarch – 'The Lifted Veil' is one of her greatest shorter tales. Informed by Eliot's interest in contemporary science, including physiology, phrenology, and mesmerism, it features a te..
The Lifted Veil (fantasy And Horror Classics)

The Lifted Cup
The Lifted Cup

For much of the past 225 years the newcomers have sought to replace the old with the new. This book tells how they imposed themselves on the land and describes how they brought technology, institutions and ideas to make it their own. The fourth edition inc..
A Concise History Of Australia

Its short stories recount episodes of direst tragedy and triumphant heroism, offering a remarkable depth of experience. Rich in the splendors of Gothic fiction, the tales abound in family curses and haunted manors, melodramatic acts of wild passion, and fr..
Great Short Stories By English And Irish Women

This book is intended for contemplation of spiritual terms. To the extent that we are integrated with these terms, we begin to unveil the spiritual structure that surrounds us, almost as if a mist had been lifted.
Basic Concepts In Kabbalah: Expanding Your Inner Vision

--Booklist, starred review"The crowded bar had made space an I could hear other people screaming byt no one came near me. It was a smaller circle than the one I had wrestled in but it was a circle and I went to work. I turned him around and pulled him to m..

Jacqueline Beresford's life as a female cat-burglar would finally end--after one last treasure made her rich. The beautiful Faberge egg was within her grasp. She could almost feel the intricate designs touching her fingertips. She could almost see the spar..
Jackie And The Giant


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