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Great product! Welcome to the year 2252—and congratulations! You’re now a personality construct. We know that can be a daunting stage of personal development, especially if you don’t remember making this life-changing decision. But we’re here to h..

But upper management, whose only concern is maximizing profits, frustrates his efforts. When Amherst eventually marries Bessy Westmore, the widow of the former mill owner, he is able at last to initiate an ambitious project of reform.But happiness for John..
The Fruit Of The Tree

That is until he sees his new chimera box! When Justin jumps inside the box his dreams of becoming the best Greco-Roman Warrior will come true. Justin will travel to dangerous lands, come face to face with terrifying creatures, and prepare for his most cha..
War Of The Gods

He spends his days in college and his evenings working at Clouds, a coffee shop owned by his lesbian boss and best friend, Starsky. When Diego Delgado, the hot Latin guitarist for the rock band The Jetsetters, wanders in for a cup of coffee, a spark is ins..
The Jetsetters

. .Proud of his reputation as a rogue, Justin Sterling intends tobe the first to bed The Unattainable—the Season''s most luscious debutante—and win the wager that''s the talk of the ton. However, he never expected the enchan..
A Perfect Groom

PASSION...In a tale as timely as Scruples, as compelling as Dazzle, as intriguing as Mistral''s Daughter, Judith Krantz launches three innocentbeauties on the city of fashion and love....SCANDAL...It''s the hottest thing that'&apos..
Spring Collection

It is a first-hand account of how Justin Blackman steals the novel, hides the evidence, gets the novel published, and makes over a million dollars doing it. The problem is that other people during the story begin to surface who know that the novel Justin B..
About The Author

He has edited anthologies of short stories, been a technical writer, founded and edited a media journal, and contributed articles to many mainstream magazines. At present, Justin is best known for acting as Creative Consultant to the BBC Books range of Doc..
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