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The Emirate of Transjordan (إمارة شرق الأردن '), also hyphenated as Trans-Jordan and previously known as Transjordania or Trans-Jordania''', was a British protectorate established in April 1921. There were many urban settlements beyond the , one in city and at that time the largest urban settlement east of the Jordan River. There was also a small community in . ξ1
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Five years after The Long Good Friday Bob Hoskins returned to the gangster genre but his character George is a mere underling this time a chauffeur hired by a mesmerisingly slimy gangland kingpin (Michael Caine) to transport a high-class prostitute (Cat..
Mona Lisa

Here, Tancred Bradshaw challenges these allegations, looking at the complex and often_x000D_strained relations between the emerging states of Jordan, Israel and the at first hegemonic, and then crumbling, British Empire._x000D__x000D_The creation of a viab..
Britain And Jordan

By the time of its independence in 1946 it had the most firmly embedded state structures in the Arab world. Drawing on previously untapped sources, Yoav Alon examines how the disparate clan networks of Jordan were integrated into the Hashemite monarchy, w..
Making Of Jordan

Now Jordan, as a newly escaped fugitive, plans how to rescue his mother, two sisters, and a brother from slavery.But has an escaped convict crept aboard the Christina? Did he overhear Libby''s talk with Caleb-her giving away of a life-or-death..
Midnight Rescue

This volume contains contributions from some of Jordan's most respected academics in the field of geography, economics and political science. A number of international specialists in Jordan have also made valuable contributions. The work covers important a..
Politics And Economy In Jordan

Nevertheless, under the leadership of the Hashemite monarchy led by Abdullah and then his grandson Hussein, the Kingdom of Jordan became a permanent feature on the map of the modern Middle East. Under the rule of King Abdullah II, Jordan has remained an in..

It describes 150 routes in Jordan - half- to one-day walks and multi-day treks, including 30 canyon routes and 5 climbing areas, 24 desert and mountain walks and scrambles in Wadi Rum and information on how to get to Jordan, when to go, what to take, and e..
Jordan - Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs And Canyons

However, shortly after his family''s arrival in Germany, Jordan''s priorities dramatically change - his young son, Chase, has been murdered. Abandoning his faith in God, Jordan becomes obsessed with finding Chase''s killers an..
Jordan's Crossing: Jordans Crossing

Much of the energy of the encounter occurs because of the remarkable man Jordan Dama, a cook who speaks seven languages; a man who studies and reveres the world that he knows and the world beyond his immediate reach. Bambo Jordan is a philosopher, a father..
Bambo Jordan: An Anthropological Narrative


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